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  • Facial Aesthetics - Wrinkle Reduction

    Do you have lines or wrinkles on your face, you would rather not have?

    Do you suffer from tension headaches?

    Would you like to reduce arm pit sweating?

    All of these can be treated using discrete safe and painless procedures

    Dr Harrison will provide a full examination and through minute painless injections you will be amazed at the results

    Initial Consultation is FREE


    Wrinkle Reduction 1 Area £200.00
      2 Areas £250.00
      3 Areas £300.00
    Hyperhidrosis 1 Arm pit £300.00
      Both arm pits £500.00
    Dermal Fillers    
    Lips from £350.00
    Cheeks from £400.00
    Nasiolabials from £350.00
    Hands from £400.00